Teratu Beauty Eau de Parfum EDP Night Seducing

50 ml – Rp. 99.000

5 ml – Rp. 15.000

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Teratu Beauty Night Seducing is highly addictive. It envelopes you like a weightless silk kimono. It’s smooth, creamy, deep, sensual and alluring gourmand. It doesn’t change much from start to finish. And finally on your skin it’s a blend of creme brulee, tonka bean, vanila and musk. The result is captivating!

Main Accords : Sweet, Fruity, Vanila, Powdery

Top Notes : Loquat Fruit

Middle Notes : Creme Brulee, Midnight Orchird, Tona Bean, Vanila

Base Notes : Musk, Sandalwood

  • Sweet
  • Vanila
  • Fruity
  • Powdery

Apply perfume to the body pulse points only, such as on the inner wrists, inner elbows, around the neck, under the stomach, behind the knees, on the ankles, and on the calves as these parts tend to have higher body temperature which help to spread the perfume scent throughout the body

Net Vol : 5 ml / 0.69 flOz
Best for Night, up to 8 hours
For Woman

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Eau de Parfum EDP Night Seducing

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